Fantastique is a podcast of original stories written and recorded by me, Jason Beckom. As the tagline says, these are stories of wonder, dread, and hope. The fantastique genre is a french genre that focuses mostly on injecting unexplainable fantasy, sci-fi, or horror elements into a realist setting. The protagonists often face profound feelings of wonder, fear, or existential confusion. The endings are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes entirely unresolved. Not every story will follow this perfectly, but I am glad to be able to share them with you.

This podcast is not a straight audiodrama, but rather an anthology of single shot and some serial stories.  At the beginning of each story I’ll let you know whether there are other parts to the story you need to listen to first.  I will also try to provide warnings on whether there will be things that could be scary or triggering.  The plan is to offer feeds for specific story lines, or for specific levels of content so that you can have a string of stories safe to listen around your kids.  

You can subscribe to Fantastique anywhere you find podcasts now.  You can and are encouraged to reach out to me on twitter @podfantastique or through host@podfantastique.com.  Please share with friends and strangers.