Episode 003 – One and Only

Welcome to episode three of Fantastique. I’m glad you’re still coming on this journey. This time we’re going back to contemporary fiction with a smidge of supernatural horror. I break out my southern accent, you should give it a shot.

Content Warnings
There are brief mentions of violence and criminal acts. I would suggest listening before your kids. I’m rating this one PG-10.


Intro and Outro music
Bughici’s Suite for Violin 8 Ardeleneasca
as performed by Advent Chamber Orchestra

Music provided by the FreeMusicArchive.org
In order of play in the episode
Kitchenromance – My Bloody Beating Heart
Jason Shaw – Plantation
Punk Rock Opera – Alone
Lorenzo’s Music – We All Fall Down
Jason Shaw – Autumn Sunset
ROZKOL – Chewing Devil Grass
Jason Shaw – Back to the Grass

Sound effects provided by Freesound.org creative commons zero sounds.

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