Episode 002 – A Perfect Fit

Welcome to episode two of Fantastique. This story I wrote for an online friend a while back. We go from contemporary fantasy to science fiction. It’s time to let go a little from your own struggles and meet a young woman earning her way through school at the edges of space.

Content Warnings
There are mentions of body dysmorphia and non-descriptive mentions of sex and drugs.


Intro and Outro music
Bughici’s Suite for Violin 8 Ardeleneasca
as performed by Advent Chamber Orchestra

Music provided by the FreeMusicArchive.org
In order of play in the episode
Fabian Measures – Feels Like Home
Andy G Cohen – Space
John Bartmann – Interstellar Space
Meydn – Beop Boep I’m a Space Robot and You Need a Haircut
Soft and Furious – Morph
Fabian Measures – Bliss Peaceful Dales
Scott Holmes – Spaceship Fly By

Sound effects provided by Freesound.org

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